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Готовое домашнее задание №23-24 по учебнику Учебник английского языка для 9 классов. Student*s book. В.П. Кузовлев

ГДЗ для 9 класса по английскому, учебник Учебник английского языка для 9 классов. Student*s book. В.П. Кузовлев

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3. Многие .т. in проводят снос свободное время за чтением. Выясните, нравшься ЛИ читать вашему партнеру.

Do you often go to the library

Not very often, because I am not very fond of reading. And you

1 like reading very mucli and have a big home library. And why dont you like reading

Reading books takes to much time. But I like to read newspapers and magazines. I can get all news and information from them. Do you read books in English

Yes. I try to read in English, but ray English is not so good to read many English books. I prefer to read in Russian. And what is your hobby

I do well in sport. I go to the basketball club. So I have no much lime for reading.

I understand, but I can give you a any book from my home library. What sort of books do you prefer

I dont mind reading detective story or a book about sport.

1 have a very interesting book about sport It s one of my favourite books. You will enjoy reading it and we can discuss it later.

Thank you.

4- Миллионы книг публикуются каждый год по всему миру.

Какую бы оы порекомендовали прочесть вашему иностранному другу, чтобы побольше узнать о русской литературе

I would recommend the book Moscow and Moscovites which was written by Gilayrovskiy. It is very interesting book. It is about famous places and interesting people of Moscow. All the stories of the book are set in Moscow at the end of the 19й century, the main characters in the book arc different people from very poor to very famous. I particularly love reading it because I leam many interesting facts about my native city.

5. Это книги для молодых люден, вилыс ш каталога. Можете ли вы сказать какие проблемы у главных героев. У нас есть подобные проблемы в вашем классе семье Думаете ЯМ вы, что книги могут помочь решить нам ли проблемы

I guess that the characters have some problems, for example the problem of loneliness. Some rimes young people have no friends and even families. Its a great problem when parents dont look after their children, have no feelings of responsibility.

The problems of war are also very important for oung people as for everybody. Many countries are at the state of war at the present time. Its a tragedy for many families.

1 guess that books tell about political problems. How the life of ordinary people depends on political struggle.

I think al! young people in the world have almost the same problems.

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